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Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points

Soon Spring Festival, cheery red can be seen everywhere, such as couplets, red envelopes ~ recently for its Volvo XC90, S90, 90 series also launched a new luxury car priced at 110 pounds (about 938 million) the red key.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Officials claim that it is lending a friend your car keys, using the key, the car will automatically open all active safety speed limit to 120km/h and forces the configuration. (PS: Volvo owner is more in love with the car loan … )

Well, the Volvo here, today, the onion sweet cheeks and friends talk about borrowing the car things ~

Take note: don’t open face!

Have a sentence to say in front of, although friends have lent the car to someone else. But if you have an accident, trouble not yourself, sometimes we have to pay jointly and severally liable.

Relevant legislation relating to borrowing the car problem

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

For joint and several liability the potential dangers, the best workaround is not to take the car out, after all, car rental and public transport is very convenient. If you had no choice but to take your car out, onions to talk to friends to lend the car needs attention.

Asked the purpose, destination

Before the lent the car to someone else, the first thing to ask is the purpose and destination, so that judge vehicle lending not only security, but also can make you feel more at ease.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Meanwhile, definitely know their vehicle tracks in the future if the vehicle a notice, and friends to intervene. Car onion rings buy SUV a must see These deities

Clear the current vehicle-related information

Vehicle checks are equally important, car body scratches, rub injury, violation was due to face us embarrassed to say, so car wash in advance to confirm the condition and take friends to confirm the violation is very important.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Of course, don’t forget to pick up driving license, insurance policies and other related procedures tell the car where people, if you have the police check, none of these is very troubling.

Car agreement signed

This may well be the most junior partner, I’m sorry to say. But in fact, this is the most important step, after all, if it happened, joint and several liability it is not fun.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Of course, if the partners find a friend to borrow the car, onion suggested that you bring a borrowed car agreement signed with friends, to borrow the car to show you in good faith.

Try to give the other vehicle the mechanical key

Mechanical key to this article, many smaller partners will certainly do not understand, in fact, this is because of security concerns. Mechanical indirect forced to borrow the car keys in use can lock lock the doors when people get off, ensure that valuables inside the car will not be stolen.

Left of the diagram is the mechanical key

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

However, if your car is not the mechanical key, or someone down to take you on that. In addition, before the mechanical key to the other party don’t forget to tie the key little black sign down, that’s your car electronic anti-theft password, key is pointing to it.

In fact, borrowing the car, after all, there is a great risk of this kind of thing can be avoided as far as possible be avoided. Not words: car and daughter-in-law will take …

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the “auto onion rings” micro letters public, answer “tire”, you can view the next one you choose? Tires before purchase! , Tire maintenance, note that tocolytic tips tell you! And other articles.


(No bird) first of all, you need a PS4: genuine PS4 game buy two get one free

Sony’s new generation of gaming consoles PS4 on sale, so duly completed a series of promotional activities, for many TV fans, it was a reserve when the battle. Also don’t get to participate in United States Amazon PS4 game of buy two get one free activity?

Paul Frank case

United States Amazon genuine PS4 is buy two get one free activity, selection of game three in the list, at the checkout enter code “GR8TNESS”, the automatic relief for one of the game’s price activity starting from November 13, at 1 o’clock in the morning Beijing time, until sold out.

List of games:

– Angry Birds: Star Wars – PlayStation 4

– Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – PlayStation 4

– Battlefield 4 – PlayStation 4

– Call of Duty: Ghosts – PlayStation 4 Paul Frank iPhone plus case

– FIFA 14 – PlayStation 4

– Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Paul Frank case

– Just Dance 2014 – PlayStation 4

– Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)

– Knack (PlayStation 4)

– LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – PlayStation 4

– Madden NFL 25 – PlayStation 4

– NBA 2K14 – PlayStation 4

– Need for Speed Rivals

– Skylanders SWAP Force – PlayStation 4


Call of duty: the Phantom and the battlefield 4, NBA 2K14 and other writings, angry birds has this funny, PS4 is number one.

Purchase address

After they finished a new car first thing actually are doing these

4S shops to cater to consumer psychology, in many people’s new car will wheel or rearview mirror Red Ribbon, in addition to Geely, wants to pray for peace. The Red has a long history, which dates back to the Han dynasty, Liu Bang’s forces won the world at that time, Emperor gaozu gave themselves a special on the big name: “son of Chidi”

From different places in our country after advocating red habit are retained, today it’s time to look at the new cars around the practice.

After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!
After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!

Put a circle around the new car setting off firecrackers

To welcome the “new Member”, there are many little friend will choose to set off firecrackers to celebrate, but you don’t think you “new members” are thinking, not only smoke when shooting, and mud flying, you are not afraid of any “eyes closed” mud hurt or even destroy your home, the “new members”.

After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!
After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!

Next to the new car practice

From the picture below you can see the brother really worship, and he has a lot of tin foil in your car with sloping rear folding silver piece, and finally in “burn the silver piece” when staring at the fire for a long time, may really want to pray for peace and success.

But your brother do you “car” must be in a cold sweat, you open the trunk, if burning “Yuan Bao” fly in the car, you may want to save save.

After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!
After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!
After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!

New car new year’s scrolls

Watching the Chinese new year, new home buddy sure in a good mood, probably in a happy new year’s Eve night Spring Festival couplets on their own car stickers, small series is to remind all of you here, sticking at home, if the way was removed, Shu-li or the police may find you “talk”.

After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!
After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!

In the car put a figure of Buddha

Sometimes some people hanging in the car of Buddha is not necessarily believed in Buddhism, may be that more people are willing to believe brings good luck that statement, or think of something is better than nothing. But small make up ideas is at variance with everybody, just hope that those sincerely seeking the Buddha not at the time of the brakes “apparitions”, “fly” to the people in the car.

After they finished a new car first thing, actually are doing these!

Buddha is in your car in understandable, but like stated above approaches, there are real people dedicated to the Temple of “masters” opening, small think do so friend may be novice or are not sure of their own driving skills.

But believe nothing might as well put a beginner or practicing your driving skills. Buy a new car that was cause for celebration, but be sure to confirm the safety of the celebrations. Aesthetics held secret ASUS notebook and mobile

Three blockbuster new releases Meizu Conference review

    On November 30, the Meizu product launches held in Beijing performing arts center. Frankly, this is the Meizu most of this year’s event, charm, blue x, Meizu PRO 6 Plus and Flyme 63 blockbuster new line appearance. Flyme 6 as Meizu to this iteration of the system in the interface, security, upgrading the artificial intelligence. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Three blockbuster new releases Meizu Conference review

Charming charm blue blue x positioning high-end products, double-sided glare glass design, starter Helio P20.

Three blockbuster new releases Meizu Conference review
Three blockbuster new releases Meizu Conference review

Meizu PRO 6 Plus is looking forward to for a long time Exynos 8890 true flagship, 5.7-inch 2K screen, 12 million pixel +4-axis optical image stabilization.

Harvard s a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7 H7L test drive

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

Mention what do you think of Dali in Yunnan province? Cangshan mountain and erhai Lake, the romantic, beautiful scenery, history of the city, has a tone of pubs and Inns?

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

For the Harvard H7/H7L test drive select Dali, haven’t been to small series began “test drive, select a style area, we like to watch, also demonstrate the manufacturer’s taste. “But after the test drive, small series, Dali, in addition to the above, there are more complex road conditions, can try out the vehicle’s quality.

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

Harvard red and blue double standard represents the same product with different ideas, red label more sedate luxury, blue more young campaign for hover H7, is now red label models 5, blue tag H7L is 7, the main is the blue version of our test drive Harvard H7L.

   First stop:

Dali tie dye Museum

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

Leave the hotel first, we’ll start visiting the Dali Bai tie-dye Museum, this period was driven by factory staff, I sat in the Copilot.

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

First, this section of the road is ordinary road, but there are many speed bumps and turn many turn seven and eight will not be smooth country roads, Harvard H7L front of MC Pherson strut and rear multi-link independent suspension, chassis and set-up of the filter base as a whole is soft, more suitable for home use.

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive
Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

Reach the first stop, tie-dye is a folk recipe of Bai traditional, State-level intangible cultural heritage, the process is to use line after printing and dyeing fabric twisted into a knot, then dye and then twisted into a knot line dismantled dyeing techniques.

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

Translation: a piece of white cloth, needle will not want to stain where sewing a seam, tie up, and then the entire VAT dyed, ingenuity, places don’t want to stain into various shapes, and when it was finished there will be a different pattern. By traffic accidents to analyze and judge the

Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive
Harvard's a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7/H7L test drive

The wisdom of our ancestors is infinite

Second stop:

Little mount PuTuo

This a for I drive, actually we whole of trip is around erhai Lake a circle, after a State Road Hou, we from Deng Chuan charges station Shang has big Li high-speed, car Shang total sat has 4 a people, 2.0T added 6 speed double clutch gearbox of power system on H7L for, accelerated overtaking no any problem, also nothing defeating, but hard stepped on throttle zhihou will has little delay.

Vehicle noise control at high speed so I am very satisfied, this is Harvard’s traditions. In addition, we test drive this car is just “plastic film” new car interiors are very small, to Dali’s know how HIV is the sunshine here, we’ve never been open window has no problem, joint brand new car test drive before have failed to do so, means interior material was good.

Small steak had many shortcomings, many car owners are not satisfied with the car include both interior, it also attracted the attention of Government, Ministry of environmental protection has recently increased the harsher extent of in-car air quality regulations, and mandatory with effect from January 1, 2017, new cars must meet the requirement, so at this point to give Harvard a praise.

Small series of thought are captured

Third stop:

Luo Quan peninsula-days mirror Pavilion

We drove up the mountain down the Harvard H7L 2.0T double-channel direct-injection engine, maximum power is 170kW (231Ps)/5500rpm, peak torque of 355Nm/2200-4000rpm. H7L dozens of degree slope can easily go up, but engine sound a little scream.

Finally, we experienced what we’re concerned about the third row space, our law students 178cm, adjust your driving to his seat, second-row adjustments less than two fists to the leg space.

Second-row space

Third row has less than a fist, but this position is quite “grace”, he says it’s almost “squatting” lacks the hip support.

Third-row space

So if long-distance driving third row seat adults or some suffering, which is current common problems facing the 7-seat SUV.

The return journey


News Beijing smog these days you see on red alert, small plane felt:

“Or the original formula or a familiar smell”

Suddenly regretted not in Dali worked as a breath of fresh air.

“After losing then you realize how much has it better” this thing we do in this life so far, so there is a chance to get his own favorite car, with his family to the South all the way to Dali and feel the good.

Choose Help 150 000 buy non public virtue Religion is a wonderful thing

Ozawa recently in several media platforms see the same question asked on: Volkswagen which car is more affordable, between 100,000 ~15, thank you!

Pro, it won’t be mass public relations in action, right? But then again look at demand, each has a different, who want to travel to and from work, have a good first car home, popular brand is the brand of choice for many people to buy a car.

What is selected with the public? Every time you encounter such a problem, always exciting, always feel they have endless stories to tell you. We all know from Wolfsburg, Volkswagen, is the gift of God to us. 10 to 150,000 in the price, the gift of God is like the stars gives us 13 models. So why do I have to say the official … …

OK, so first of all we have to do, is to put the 13 vehicles to make a classification.

Old saying goes good, sole model of the Volkswagen Golf. Add a butt is sagitar, shortening is POLO, flat is still cool, rubbing circles is the Beatles, elongate or Passat, changing your name is called the magotan, after losing one seat is CC, further called the Phaeton, heightening the chassis is the Tiguan, then stretch a point is the Touareg.

So, that 13 vehicles, we can make it as only two models. A golf representative MQB platform cars, one is a representative of sagitar PQ35 platform models.

Well, there is also a respected elder, PQ34 platform, Bora and LaVida models under this platform. We wish happy birthday PQ34 platform here. Why?

Because births in 1997, this platform a half a month to celebrate her 20 years old birthday. In these 20 years, golf has grown from a 4th generation now 7th generation, the 5th generation of the Honda Accord in 1997 from development up to now the 9th generation, while the PQ34 platform, still in hard service for the Chinese market, I think that sentence from Wolfsburg, Volkswagen, is the gift of God to us.

So, 10 to 150,000 in that price, Volkswagen three typical models are golf, sagitar, and LaVida.

We put the golf aside, let us look at Largos and sagitar, this car which one to buy.

Seen from the product planning and marketing techniques, LaVida kill sagitar! Yes, you read that right, not performance or quality, but product planning and marketing techniques.

I put both cars in the see is LaVida is more like the Passat, the speed Vault look like a Jetta? Spend 100,000 could buy 200,000 face, who do you think our people would prefer? Also, are the price of 150,000, you can buy Hat Largos, all from ESP to power sunroof standard.

Even with low Largos, ESP, reversing radar, going up the Hill supporting these are also standard.

But look at the sagitar, 150,000 automatics beggars can be bought. This is where Largos kill sagitar.

But from the quality point of view? Now selling 2017 sagitar LaVida’s teeth. Since sagitar PQ35 platform is a popular platform for global market forces. Look at Largos platform of what year? The year 1997! At that time most people are school kids, but I’m not. Well, looking at the world, Shanghai Volkswagen has a firm belief-like to stick with the PQ34 platform vehicle, built a LaVida is not enjoyable, then created the lang, and lang.

Like Shanghai Volkswagen you try again, and made 7, also a lang Jia gourd doll series, this Grandpa PQ34 platform will be rescued, more classic PQ22 such as platform on which Gore, this is the first vehicle for young people.

So, if you want to spend less than 150,000 buy a scooter, LaVida is prepared for this price. And 100,000 to 200,000 face, it feels cool.

But you should still care about quality, Ozawa is even recommended you choose sagitar.

Well, now we can pull out the golf, sagitar and we recommend than it, shall we?

First to explain, both sagitar and golf, they automatically against the actual price, have over 150,000. So that’s why LaVida has won the national champion of causes, because he’s cheap.

Golf car and sagitar is God! In particular, sagitar, formerly China set off an unprecedented universal rights. In 2014, the sagitar rear torsion beam fracture area. But people’s choice sizhubupakaishuitang attitude. Finally, the 2014 national day holidays, fast leaps in 165 cities nationwide owners used to contain the 4S shops, even activist of the March. Sagitar owners, also was involved in a lucky enough to write into the events of history.

Now, of course, speed’s latest release is not torsion beam suspension, Faw-VW had honest PQ35 platform fast leaps back to the multi-link rear suspension, and the design and configuration of the Basic Edition. So that owners of exciting new sagitar: lines stable is not grandiose, front face was thick with tension, vehicle full of quiet.

Although praise is praised, but really it was my choice, I recommend you to buy golf. Why?

Seen from the dimension, if just for walking, more compact golf not only look more refined, better parking.

Seen from the Interior because golf MQB platform than fast leaps high in a generation, so that feeling of refinement and technology, will be stronger.

From controlled feel, golf driving experience even if all of them at this level, is of good quality. Steering is very light, but very accurate in corners, for example, in your hand a little bit of gamesmanship, and can react on the front, and very accurate. This speed on the release to which you are not.

There is, I have always stressed, golf is now higher than that of sagitar generation models, buy new old truth we all understand it. Just like cell phone, iPhone 7 came out, I insisted on buying iPhone 6, did I fool me?

Well, to summarise, if your budget is a bit tight, but just want to buy a scooter, feel free to buy Largos, less than 150,000, Turbo DSG, cruise control ESP, Hill assisted large skylights, all.

If the budget is a little looser, then buy golf. But I have a question, will buy success? 150,000 of its budget, on the face, can buy Geely Brio and a modern map of midsize cars. On the performance, 150,000 buy a civic and a Fox Hat model.

If you think about it, all I can say is that religion is a wonderful thing.


Copy Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

Car onion rings Tesla s changed Do you know

This guy didn’t take the unusual way Tesla: Chery chain collision test for the first time

Tesla owners using Tesla’s Super charging charging does not spend money, believes it knows many little friends, but Tesla this guy to “change your mind” …

Onion media get the message out, Super charging charging for Tesla owners in the future may be to spend money.

Tesla announced soon after January 2017, partners to buy Tesla Motors, Tesla makes you a year free of charge in the Super post 1000 miles (1609 km) of free electricity. Full power later, partners will be paid for, charge how much? Priced separately, but according to different regions, Tesla said, charging fees lower than the cost needed to fuel cars with oil.

Super post is what the hell?

Tesla’s Super charging can quickly recharge the Tesla cars owned by, power up to 120 kW, to charge for 30 minutes for about 270 km.

Tesla will ever buy Hao friends? Did this news affect your decision to buy a car?

Cars fear being cheated? Car questions? you get older drivers to be here! Just concerned about the onion app public: “car onion rings.”