Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points

Soon Spring Festival, cheery red can be seen everywhere, such as couplets, red envelopes ~ recently for its Volvo XC90, S90, 90 series also launched a new luxury car priced at 110 pounds (about 938 million) the red key.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Officials claim that it is lending a friend your car keys, using the key, the car will automatically open all active safety speed limit to 120km/h and forces the configuration. (PS: Volvo owner is more in love with the car loan … )

Well, the Volvo here, today, the onion sweet cheeks and friends talk about borrowing the car things ~

Take note: don’t open face!

Have a sentence to say in front of, although friends have lent the car to someone else. But if you have an accident, trouble not yourself, sometimes we have to pay jointly and severally liable.

Relevant legislation relating to borrowing the car problem

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

For joint and several liability the potential dangers, the best workaround is not to take the car out, after all, car rental and public transport is very convenient. If you had no choice but to take your car out, onions to talk to friends to lend the car needs attention.

Asked the purpose, destination

Before the lent the car to someone else, the first thing to ask is the purpose and destination, so that judge vehicle lending not only security, but also can make you feel more at ease.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Meanwhile, definitely know their vehicle tracks in the future if the vehicle a notice, and friends to intervene. Car onion rings buy SUV a must see These deities

Clear the current vehicle-related information

Vehicle checks are equally important, car body scratches, rub injury, violation was due to face us embarrassed to say, so car wash in advance to confirm the condition and take friends to confirm the violation is very important.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Of course, don’t forget to pick up driving license, insurance policies and other related procedures tell the car where people, if you have the police check, none of these is very troubling.

Car agreement signed

This may well be the most junior partner, I’m sorry to say. But in fact, this is the most important step, after all, if it happened, joint and several liability it is not fun.

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

Of course, if the partners find a friend to borrow the car, onion suggested that you bring a borrowed car agreement signed with friends, to borrow the car to show you in good faith.

Try to give the other vehicle the mechanical key

Mechanical key to this article, many smaller partners will certainly do not understand, in fact, this is because of security concerns. Mechanical indirect forced to borrow the car keys in use can lock lock the doors when people get off, ensure that valuables inside the car will not be stolen.

Left of the diagram is the mechanical key

Car loan before you need to pay attention to these points!

However, if your car is not the mechanical key, or someone down to take you on that. In addition, before the mechanical key to the other party don’t forget to tie the key little black sign down, that’s your car electronic anti-theft password, key is pointing to it.

In fact, borrowing the car, after all, there is a great risk of this kind of thing can be avoided as far as possible be avoided. Not words: car and daughter-in-law will take …

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