AIR 043 Dialog search CTO not virtuoso adhere to pragmatism on technology

In June of this year, Yang Hongtao was appointed sogou CTO, is responsible for the overall technical direction of sogou. Before the desktop business unit’s leaders, is responsible for the core input method sogou browser and other products. After the post of CTO, Yang Hongtao dog for the first time the development direction of “natural interaction and knowledge calculation”, and increase spending on voice technology. Network of Lei Feng in the abandoned General Assistant, dog tree of speech in the article has deeper roots, covered the dog product concept in speech technology, is to persist in using artificial intelligence technology to solve practical problems encountered, rather than doing a few whistles to attract eyeballs.

The afternoon of August 12, Yang Hongtao keynote at the CCF-GAIR Summit of the search for artificial intelligence. After the meeting, the network of Lei feng and Yang Hongtao dialogue once again. Dialogue, he mentioned a number of times dog product concept, Lei feng’s network will be summarized in adhere to the pragmatism of its technology.

The following is an edited conversation:

Lei feng’s net: you just mentioned in his speech, from product perspective and think artificial intelligence, will not have the same discovery. Search dogs prefer from a product perspective, focus on solving customer’s actual needs. We want to know, how are you this is formed?

Yang Hongtao: mainly from so many years of product experience. Just now, I also mentioned the dog inside a failed example, sogou phonetic Assistant. It used a good technique, dialogue techniques and knowledge maps, make such a product. But it is not from the perspective of what users want to think, but to use this technique, cool out. From a product perspective, some kind of sense, it’s a go the wrong direction. From a technical point of view, of course not, because good technique, used in the right place, value will be even greater. Conversational Voice Assistant, you make a generic form, is not placed in the car, worth more in the living room scene.

Network of Lei Feng: vertical scenarios there are many dog feel vertical scenarios in which to put into force?

Yang Hongtao: see user demand of high degree, combined with the dog found the technical capacity to make the best experience out of the scene in which. For example, a participant referred to examples of face recognition, through face recognition to measure age, such a product in search dogs generally will not do, because it’s just fun, and the heat will be very short. This is a view of product issues. Conversely, if you use this technology to do the albums category, I think the greater significance.

Lei feng’s network: the industry has now a situation is the Internet company will attract experts and academic talent to ensure that walking in the forefront of the industry. Do not know soon what action in this regard?

Yang Hongtao: dog internal technical team is eyeing academic frontiers, those sent to the best publications of top results, we must follow up. Forefront results for digestive products and applications, our team is good at places. I chat with the other guests to academia’s top people how important is product applications. I have an immature view, these top academic experts are not so important, make contributions to their research, but applications may not be able to play such an important role. Many scholarship applications cannot be used, only some can use, part of which can be used to, as long as there is a good product, we can solve.

Examples of speech recognition. We fly can do 96%, 97%, because we have input data, flying has its own data accumulation and technology toB. Last 2%, 3% everyone can not be resolved, so we do the function of voice changes, and product solutions. In short, there is good product, product iteration generates data, which brings greater value than advances in technology.

Lei feng’s network: talk about artificial intelligence, will think of training data and algorithms. Dog has is related to user input data, the input method is for speech recognition technology has a lot of help, its uniqueness is what?  And we note that flew from the voice, and also do input method, this is a coincidence?

Yang Hongtao: say it. For the dog, if there are no users in sogou input method using speech recognition in the feature, we just didn’t get a chance to do this technique, don’t even think about it. Fly input method is a means to expand into mobile Internet (main business is toB), it can do much better.

Lei feng’s network: computer vision, image search dog what are actions?

Yang Hongtao: dog doing work in this area is based on image search product. Image search is good enough, you need to have a good enough understanding of image content. There are no other products. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases Ted Baker iPhone 6

Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest): have a question about your personal, we understand that the dog hasn’t been CTO position, such a position is now for what reasons?

Yang Hongtao: it can’t say anything too far-reaching implications. Sogou gene product is a technology company as a whole, I will take part in a very important work, and is soon in the technical direction and strategy of advance. Our company does not only search engines, there are many user-oriented product, we need to consider how to apply artificial intelligence techniques to include input methods, browser and other products, can generate more value. This is a direction of work. We have raised, and search dogs have to do two things that are natural interaction and knowledge calculation, how progress on the two, is something we need to consider.


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