Pokemon Go after explosive red the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention): author James, co-founder e technology. E technology AR technology service provider, last year EasyAR SDK. Pokemon GO last week after explosive red, tuyi was invited to give hundreds of securities in the secondary market to AR news analyst explained. This article is his popular Pokemon GO behind the thinking of AR technology. cheap Michael Kors

Pokemon GO red burst of attention for all, analyzing the reasons for success, the media and investors think that Nintendo’s Pokemon fans this powerful IP provides global appeal reputedly and AR LBS technology is considered low threshold used, easy to imitate.

Threshold of AR technology is really low? Mobile AR what the ultimate experience?


Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?

| Pokemon Go AR technology

Pokemon Go AR technology rating: ★

AR technologies brought about by the user experience could be called “integration” is superimposed in real scenes of virtual content in real time, combine to form a unique experience.

If Pokemon GO to make a composite score, that’s sort of the plan: IP theme 5 stars (★ ★ ★ ★ ★), game 4 star (★ ★ ★ ★), AR technology (reintegration) 1 star (★).

As the first explosive red AR game, Pokemon Go AR technology let everyone have fun just 1 star, in fact, mainly because people don’t understand the AR technology uses 5 stars will be an experience, not a comparison.

If Pokemon GO open up a new game type – AR social game based on LBS, so many games the competition in the future, want to get better results, can do is to replace the equally powerful IP refresh fresh, impressive experience to AR technology. When several excellent AR gaming competition when still using 1 star AR technology, the game will likely be fan crazy slots, IP will also be affected.

| AR AR based on LBS technology the most simplest form

Technology rating: ★

As early as 2012, there are various types of AR application based on LBS technology is born, one of the most typical is the AR map navigation graph below is the classic application of Nokia lumia series “urban Kaleidoscope”. 

LBS location information is not accurate, nice error can control abroad at 3~10 meters, domestic General 50~500 meters. This creates architectural landmark where the label is not accurate, “fixed” at the top of the building, only when distance guidelines the general direction, approaching the confusion will occur. This precision AR “into” experience leading AR status still cannot replace the traditional navigation map navigation map only exists as a minority.

Pokemon GO through LBS location based information to trigger the appearance of Elves, Elf was alive, so there is no sense of location error of endearingly. But sometimes the Elves out of position it happens, there will be help:

Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?


Just appear on a flat surface (left), Elves appear in an unreasonable place (right)

| AR is currently based on image tracking mainstream

Technology rating: ★ ★ ★

Mark AR is a planar or 3D object tag to correspond to realistic images or objects in the scene, when the camera scans the “mark”, AR event will fire, virtual content accurate to “mark” as a position reference added to the real world.

Simply put, is to do in the real world a “mark” (mark), used to call “the Elf” (virtual). In AR based on tags, most likely landed, is the mainstream of AR is using Planar patterns as “mark”, in order to facilitate understanding, referred to as “AR images.” Hot AR AR early education at present on the market knowledge cards, AR coloring book are AR images of products.

Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?


AR children’s book experience

Image AR into a very strong, can bring a leap off the amazing visual effects, virtual and real image seamless. Many domestic manufacturers are based on third party AR underlying technologies (such as EasyAR) launched its own AR products.

Why Pokemon GO without using an image AR technology? Elf drilled out from the dollar, jumping out of a Coca Cola bottle, isn’t it interesting? And bring more stability into the AR with an image, not unexpected help. Businesses are willing to actively participate and contribute to advertising.

AR an image using the image as “marked”, this way you can correct content to appear in the expected location, accuracy is much higher than LBS. But the drawback is image AR needed to “mark” to the server, as a database to facilitate retrieval, if you need to mark “mark” too much marking will be overwhelming and tedious.

Image AR need a picture as a trigger, which is a source of fun, but is also restricted. As the release of the game on a global basis, Pokemon GO need to ensure that everyone can experience complete games, but to offer global players can trigger images of AR content, its difficulty is understandable. In addition, due to the huge number of Elves need large images to trigger thousands of Elves, abnormal huge quantities, but this technique is only like foreign Blippar, +AR can be done in the country.

To summarize, AR to AR position precision of the image, into more realistic appearances. So that makes it easier for AR combined with the offline physical, combining the businesses product realisation. Image-based AR Pokemon GO such business liquidations in the future an important form of the game, the next game will be gradually introduced.

| AR on slam will lead to a real AR integration experience (4 stars)

Technology rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

AR while solving an accurate sense of play into the image problem, virtual content to move in the real world, have to solve integration problems of the environment as a whole. AR technology is impossible to judge the image space occlusion, virtual content will always display in front, Elf cannot be blocked by any realistic scenario:


Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?

Cannot be seized Elf

Pokemon GO Elf appears was waiting for the catch, not widespread. When the Elves walk around when we need to judge real terrain and curtain as a whole, so that ELF can play hide and seek with us, we have to go to bed to catch, process and environment as a whole and complete integration.

This perceived environmental technology called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and the simultaneous localization and map-building technology, referred to as SLAM. Direct 3D reconstruction of reality can be in three dimensions, so that you know the virtual environment the exact location and occlusion. Free virtual content can be in the real world “shuttle”.

Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?
Pokemon Go after explosive red, the ultimate mobile AR experience should be like?

To summarize, if image AR sense of precision, who solves the virtual content into, then slam is to solve a virtual sense of precision into the action in the environment, which can enhance the sense of integration in the process of game.

| LBS, images can be tracked and SLAM one of AR experience will reach a perfect score (5 stars)

The ultimate experience: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If I had to do a game kill Pokemon GO, such as the Transformer GO (transformers), imagine this scene:

When you are close to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, games radar will alarms (LBS), the tip near a transformer. When your phone at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and I saw a bolt of lightning from heaven, and precise injection to the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower spherical cartridge into the portal in the Thunder and lightning (based on AR). Flying out of the Decepticons from the portal, in tall buildings in the free shuttle also can hide behind the world financial center to shoot you! (SLAM) Michael Kors iPhone 5 Case

Michael Kors iPhone 5 Case

It will be the IP story 5 stars (★ ★ ★ ★ ★), game 5 stars (★ ★ ★ ★ ★), AR technology 5 star (★ ★ ★ ★ ★) the perfect AR games.

Pokemon Go popular domestic developers to try. What development tools can achieve better than Pokemon Go AR game? Foreign Vuforia and Metaio, EasyAR, or a good choice in the country. We are also working to game developer research Trinity 5 star AR technology, LBS, image, AR and SLAM the collection, I believe there will be better than Pokemon GO AR game.

Lei Feng network Note: drawings from vg247.com. Please contact our authorized, and keep the author and the source, no deletion of content.


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